Your Website Needs Compelling Copy

Copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients so they know who you are, what you do, and why you’re the expert they need. Copy that invites your ideal clients into working with you so they can live the life they crave.

But let’s get real: you’re not a copywriter and your existing copy isn’t helping your business. If anything, it might detract from the incredible results your clients get. You know you need help but until you’re pulling in more of a profit (or any profit), that’s simply not in the budget.

Occasionally you’ve checked out some DIY courses online but they’re all either too pricy or lack the support you know you’ll want when the writing challenges start to pop up. Writing copy feels so daunting, so nuanced, that it slides to the bottom of your business building to-do list.

Not anymore.

You know your ideal clients better than any copywriter. Shift that knowledge into the power of writing copy for your business.

You Are the Copy Expert Your Business Needs

In Let’s Talk Copy you’ll learn how to convert your ideal client knowledge into compelling website copy.

Let’s Talk Copy is a self-paced online program with video tutorials, downloadable step-by-step workbooks, and included live monthly workshop sessions.

In this program, you decide where and when you do the work AND when you need extra guidance directly from the program creator, Kristina Green.

There are no necessary sessions to attend to get the next lesson, no waiting for modules to on a set schedule: simply the content you need, when you need it. All at the pace of your schedule and your life. 

Appeals to Ideal Clients

Learn how to write copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients, so you get to them and keep their attention.

One Step at a Time

Every module in sequence brings you one step closer to the goal of clear copy that supports your business.

Your Pace

Progress through the Let’s Talk Copy modules at your pace, whether that’s all in one today or over six months.

Simple, Proven Messaging

All of the methods within Let’s Talk Copy are based on marketing industry standards of practice that work.

Your Space

Let’s Talk Copy is an entirely online program, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

BONUS 1:1 Workshops

Three private 1:1 workshop sessions with the program creator Kristina Green when you’re ready for copy feedback.

Tap Into Your Expert Knowledge to See Your Advantage

You can truly connect with your specific ideal clients to naturally invite them to work with you through meaningful copy.

Your copy can authentically articulate what you do and the clients you serve, speak directly to their needs and sets clear expectations on the services you provide.

That copy will resonate only with your ideal clients and also naturally weed out anyone who isn’t the right fit for you and your business, pre-qualifying leads before they meet with you.

Your ideal clients need to hear the right message from you to know you’re the one to help them. In Let’s Talk Copy you’ll discover how to create the copy that communicates that message.

A Little More About Let’s Talk Copy

What if I already know my ideal clients? Will this work for me?

Let’s Talk Copy is made only for small business owners who already know their ideal clients. If you haven’t worked with one client yet, this won’t work for you.

Is this a subscription?

No. Let’s Talk Copy is a one-time purchase of $599. It is not a subscription, so you will not be charged monthly.

Will this work on my device?

Yes. Let’s Talk Copy is designed to work on any device because it is a web-based program. If you have an internet connection that can play videos and download PDFs, it will work for your device.

How many workshops do I need to attend?

None. Let’s Talk Copy is structured so the modules show you how to create the copy you need, rather than getting the information in live sessions.

You’ll have three months to schedule your three included workshops using your unique Let’s Talk Copy scheduling code from your account within Let’s Talk Copy

What if I have questions or get stuck?

It happens to all of us at some time. Hop onto the schedule with your private included workshops to get answers or to talk out how you’re stuck with program creator Kristina Green.

What's the structure of this program?

Glad you asked! You’ll get six modules of instruction with videos, worksheets, and checklists that cover the content you’ll need to create copy that truly connects with your ideal clients.

Let’s Talk Copy also includes three 1:1 private workshops for the first three months of the program. You’ll be able to schedule them online with Kristina Green to talk out copy questions, and work on or review copy.

Your Business Copy is Waiting

Unlock the copy that works for your unique business to pull in your unique ideal clients using proven marketing formulas that work time and again.

Let’s Talk Copy is ready for you. Are you ready for copy that truly fits you, your ideal clients, and your business?